Final list of Skype and COW names.

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Final list of Skype and COW names.

Post by Dirtyzilla on Thu May 26, 2016 7:46 am

This is the list of everyone's COW names followed by their Skype name to help remember who is who. Remember that it is possible to give a nickname to someone in your contacts, which makes it easier.

Ajacs - ajacs14

Antonio Kauffman - Antonio Kauffman

Asfalus - Deadfinder

Charles Mallahan JR -  Charles Mallahan

Dejan Tolj - Dejan Tolj

Dirtyzilla - James Peters

Dronvar - Andrejs Vārpsalietis

Edward the 3rd - Edward G

Eralf28 - rershu

FinnDaddy - Eric Raitanen

hartw123 - hartw123

Hrskavi Puding - theexplotedoi

iceman604 - iceman 604

Kalantigos - Rev/ Kalantigos CoW EN|Mod

Lefty Luchiano - Todd Campell

Liemannen - Sean Reed

MightyOneGR - HellShell

speters - momma.funk


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