Modern RP: Longterm RP

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Modern RP: Longterm RP

Post by Kalantigos on Sat Apr 30, 2016 7:13 am

Currently requiring some players for this:

It's already set up and running quite smoothly, but due to some issues, we need some player replacements.
-This shouldn't take any time out of alliance duties, it's slow and long, with very little actual combat going on.
- South America just got unlocked, so there are now a lot of slots available.
- The Syrian Rebels really need a decent player, due to prior player incompetence, they're in a bit of a problem. There's quite literally a huge stockpile of NATO weaponry sitting on the border the previous player couldn't be bothered to take. So pretty please?
- Countries are RPing as their historical selves, so there is a NATO and EU plus all the little previous history going on.


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