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Match start

Post by Liemannen on Sat Mar 19, 2016 3:16 am

Surprisingly we all ended up next to each other.  Probably the best at start countries we've had since my first match, which was a disaster for unrelated reasons.

Overall strategy:  We need to quickly take out Italy and Yugoslavia, if we don't they will be a giant thorn in our side.  We also need to ensure America stays isolated.  These are my goals:
1.  France (Ajacs) should prepare for all out attack on Italy on day 5.
2.  Germany (Dirty) go for RoW with Poland.  It's a natural buffer between you and Russia, he'll either have to DoW Poland or wait for RoW as well in order to get to you.  You have two options to assist with Italy: 1 Invade Austria followed by moves into Italy/Yugoslavia.  2. Go through the Alps (Switzerland), that route leaves Austria as a buffer between you and Yugoslavia.  Up to you which route you take, just please send significant forces to assist against Italy.
3.  Spain (Me) will build naval assets to thwart US moves to invade Europe and North Africa.  I'm currently leaning toward amphibious landings in the Italian boot but may just send reinforcements to France.
4.  UK (Lefty)  Subs, ships, more of the same.  You and I have to keep the US isolated from his allies, and I think you have better naval techs than I.  Send what forces you can to assist France against Italy.
5.  Sweden (Ice)  Subs and ships to control the Baltic.  Be prepared to answer Russian aggression in Finland.  Germany will probably need your assistance when Russia moves.  Of course Russia could always move against you.

If you are taking an AI country on day 5, ensure you do so quickly.  Germany is the only one that really needs to take out an AI on day 5, if only to assist against Italy.  I'm planning on taking Portugal if only to keep the US from taking it.  Lefty is taking Ireland for the same reason.  For the same reason, Ice should probably take Norway.  Lowland countries are tempting, and might be worth the forces just to give France and Germany a moral bump after the Italian campaign.

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